I never knew how blue blueness could be.

He felt the barrel prod him; and, together with a faint detonation that seemed miles away, in another world, there came a stab in his side which filled his eyes with a dazzling glory.
'So that's all,' he thought quite softly, as if he were lying in bed. 'I must keep quiet for a little space and then walk very slowly along that bright sand of pain, towards that blue, blue wave. What bliss there is in blueness. I never knew how blue blueness could be. What a mess life has been. Now I know everything. Coming, coming, coming to drown me. There it is. How it hurts. I can't breathe...'
He sat on the floor with bowed head, then bent slowly forward and fell, like a big, soft doll, to one side.
Stage directions for last silent scene: door – wide open. Table – thrust away from it. Carpet – bulging up at table foot in a frozen wave. Chair – lying close by dead body of a man in a purplish brown suit and felt slippers. Automatic pistol not visible. It is under him.

Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter in the dark

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