Dear Barack Obama:

Would you please consider entering the race for the American presidency? You and only you should be the one occupying the White House in 2021. You can bring change. You can deliver. We, in the old countries, believe in you. You Could Give Us Hope.
Your first two terms seem so long ago – from a different age, really. You don't need to prove that an African American can be President of the United States, you already proved that; you don't need to prove anything. We know enough. We trust you. Actually, we trust you more than anyone. Your slate is as clean as can get. I can't remember a single scandal from your time in office. That could be a function of my memory, but it could also be a function of your presidency. I option for the latter.
First of all, you caught Osama Bin Laden. I can't remember if there was a trial, or if there was one, it may have been a short trial, but in any case, the hunt for the world's most sought after person was over thanks to you. (I kind of like that not a Republican macho president got that 'present' from the military, but a mild mannered Dem like you.) Second, you cried on international television, and not because you had just been slicing onions, or your cat just bit off a mouse's head (like mine did, yesterday). No, you cried to make a statement. That statement was: I, arguably the most powerful person in the world, am powerless against senseless gun violence. I thought that was impressive. To show that you also go over very well with my kids, I should only mention the tremendously cool way in which you swatted a fly during an interview. The American President should be more than the First Fly Swatter, but still.
According to some people, your attempt to reorganize the flawed US health care system was a disaster. According to us, it was not only brave but also very necessary. If the American Congress had not obstructed and frustrated Obamacare, who knows how many corona deaths could have been prevented?
I can imagine it is more comfortable to watch from the sideline how your candidate, Joe Biden, will try to beat the fly in the White House. Not unlikely, he will fail. Much more likely, you will succeed, because your are a much, much, much better candidate, the candidate that not only America, but Europe and the rest of the world needs desperately right now.

Thank you, etc.

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  1. Sadly, I am being told that running for president after you have served two terms is not possible.
    Michelle Obama for President!


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