Dear Quentin Tarantino, or should I say: Inglourious Basterd?

Art by Demonika
To my horror I discovered that my favorite Amsterdam videostore Cultvideotheek is closing down. Tomorrow actually – so we still have time. Or should I say: you still have time? To pay those late fees? I'm referring, of course, to your glorious visits to Cultvideotheek in the early nineties, when you were doing 'research' for Pulp Fiction. We all remember the Amsterdam quote from that movie – "mayonaise – they fuckin' drown them in it" – but there were many, many more quotes from movies that you "rented" at Cultvideotheek. I'm happy you quoted from those movies, don't get me wrong, Pulp Fiction is a work of art, but what I'm trying to say here is that it's payback time. Those late fees became fucking late fees. I'm talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Relax. This is actually a good thing. Cultvideotheek needs the money to survive, and you are sitting on it. If I'm not mistaken, Pulp Fiction did really well, and you are still making money off it thanks to the wonders of copyright. So now is the time to get your ass off that couch, write those fucking checks and do something back for the community. As you know from the ad in the New York Times last week, the cultural meltdown in Holland is in full swing. Halbe the Terminator is, well, terminating a lot of beautiful things. I'm not asking you to save The Brabants Orchestra. I'm not asking you to help finance a government take over, or a mission to remove certain elements from Dutch politics and drop them in the Northsea with the help of the CIA. I'm just asking you to pay those fucking fees. Thank you!

A concerned cinephile.

PS: Don't believe the people who say that all movies are available online anyway, because they aren't, and I don't have to tell you, I hope, how satisfying it is to go to a library of 10.000 films and have a knowledgable staff give you fucking recommendations.