What can I know

when my thinking is slow 

I just come and I go

as if only for show?

Could it to you be a blow 

that my frequency is low

as if making ice flow 

by sticking in a toe?

But really, why is it so

and not otherwise though

that things happen in a row?

Try to make flour from dough!


What can I do

when I came here for you 

(and of course for you, too)?

We can play peekaboo

do it in the loo

and sing all night through

Or how about we brew

a story or two 

with neither plot nor a clue? 

About a bum in the zoo

that we tickle and woo

and then hit with a shoe?

Or is that taboo?

Do you fear what is true 

what was once red, now is blue?


What is good, what is bad?

What makes you happy, me sad?

Questions! I want answers, lad

Luckily this morning a feeling I had

to be alive and not just a bit mad

loving most of your being quite rad 

Seeing the way you are clad

being a son, husband and dad…

How could all that be just a fad?

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